Project 365

Hi. Long time no post!

I am doing a Project 365 (photo a day) again this year after taking a long break from such a thing. It is part of my Saturdays! blog. The first entry (January 1) is here – just go backwards from there, and follow the whole blog if you don’t already.

Saturdays! generally consists of random topics that are very loosely (non-) scheduled posts (except for the daily photos now).

A Project 365 is usually meant to be a photo taken and posted each day. Although I intend to do that, I’m not going to stress if I don’t take a new photo each day – as long as I always post one for each day. I have so many photos I’ve taken and have never edited or shared, that I think it is still an exercise to find and post older photos when I don’t have a new one.

If you’re doing a P-365 or any other type of photo project I’d love to check it out (Saturdays! was originally intended to be a Project-52, photo a week…guess which day of the week). It can be inspirational to check out each others work.

Just post a link in the comments, or message it to me if you’d prefer.


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