Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. It’s a little late I suppose to post this photo, although if you are a personal Facebook friend, you probably saw it as my cover photo for Halloween week. Halloween is easily my favorite holiday.

I created this photo in my “mini” product studio, which I am working on replacing with a larger more functional and efficient studio, capable of larger product photography as well as some limited portrait work possibly. New studio lighting is in the works as well.

The web site is undergoing some changes, more than the typical subtle ones. I won’t get into details right now but check in fairly often, and I’ll probably make an announcement here when it’s done (it’s never really “done”. Haha).

Enjoy November with it’s beautiful colors and lovely weather (I’m not a fan of winter but I love fall and spring, and of course summer is my favorite. Too bad we can’t skip winter).

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