Speaking of – Bloggage News and No More P-365 :(

Greetings Earthlings.

Well, the Project-365 is now done (early). I have too much on my plate to keep it going. And I know I was doing it as much for myself as anyone else, but it was discouraging to not know if anyone was even looking at it…so a lack of interest all around I guess. But I’ll still post occasional photos and general bloggage.

Speaking of photos, I have a lot of new ones to be tweaked and added to my fine art collection. I also re-shot one of my favorites, intending to improve upon the original, but it came with new issues so it needs to be re-shot again with a remote and a good tripod. Been busy with yard work and getting the gardens planted but when things settle down I’ll get busy on them and on this site too.

My most frequently shot test subject! I should name them (I have two).

Speaking of gardening, in late-winter/early-spring I started a gardening blog and have hardly had a chance to keep that up to date. Ironic since the gardening is mainly what is keeping me from it. But I have taken pictures of my progress so it will all fall into place when I have some time.

Speaking of progress, my little studio set-up is getting there. It’s very small, but adequate for small to medium product photography and in a pinch it would work for head-shots. Some day one day.

Speaking of my mini-studio, I leave you with this photo, which is one of my test photos taken thereĀ  – it’s actually taken with my Android phone and tweaked via software.


Have a great day!

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