David Bowie

Just want to recognize the passing of an amazing and very unique artist.

There’s plenty of articles and discussions and tributes out there, about his life, his work, his career, and speculation about meanings of his recent songs and videos. Lots of reading material. Enough text and video (and music!!) to keep you busy for days – weeks – who knows how long?

I spent most of yesterday, off and on, reading about him and watching videos past and present and I really only scratched the surface.

Not only did his career span 40 – 50 years but it appears that he spent the last year or so building a grand finale. A parting gift to us as some people said. It seriously left most fans in awe, even a state of shock perhaps.

He seemed to have suffered in silence – not sure how many knew he was sick – but his passing was heard and felt all around the world. I feel it was planned that way.

This post is already longer than I intended it to be. It was meant to be a nod and a farewell to one of the most creative artists ever to grace the music industry, and a thank you for all his contributions. I am fortunate to have heard his voice as long as I’ve been aware of music in my life and will hear it until I am gone.

Thank you David Jones, and rest in peace.

Here’s a much shorter entry from yesterday on my Saturdays blog…

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